Best Korean listening exercises

I was talking to a friend the other day who started learning Korean awhile ago and he mentioned he came across a series of listening exercises. Major blast from the past. I used those when I was learning and found them to be incredibly helpful, and free as well. Each video is a short conversation … Continue reading Best Korean listening exercises


Inviting Korean learners to Discord language exchange server

Back in November a friend I met on Hellotalk was talking about how conversations on Hellotalk don't seem to last very long, and that group conversations on Hellotalk tend to be messy with everyone bunched up in one channel. The conversation ended up going like this "maybe we should just create a Discord server and … Continue reading Inviting Korean learners to Discord language exchange server

Difference between 이/가 and 은/는

What is 이/가 and 은/는? 이 and 가 are called subject markers and 은 and 는 are called topic markers. Both service the purpose to mark the subject of a sentence. 철수가 사과를 먹고 있어요철수는 사과를 먹고 있어요 Both sentences mean 철수 is eating an apple. From an English perspective 철수 is the subject in … Continue reading Difference between 이/가 and 은/는