About me


Hi, my name is Steven. I’ve studied Korean for three years. Six months casually and the remainder fairly seriously, or as seriously as can be for someone not living in Korea with a full time job.

I created this blog for two main reasons. As I learnt Korean I primarily self studied and relied a lot on materials available on the internet. Now in 2018 there is a wealth of information available, but in my opinion a lot of the information overlaps and is very ‘textbooky’. For example, grammar related guides provided fairly generic explanations and generic examples (perhaps to be safe and not to be wrong), and as a result it doesn’t understand the ‘core’ of the grammar. I created this blog to provide an explanation of Korean grammar from a different perspective, in a way that would have helped me when I was learning them.

The second reason for writing this blog is to actually help myself understand the grammar. I am a stickler for understanding things properly and in writing a blog I force myself to do the research and ask the questions of myself to ensure that I really understand the content. They say if you can explain something simply to someone else and have them understand it, only then have you yourself truly mastered it.

I hope some of this content may help you. Please feel to leave a message if anything here has helped you in your learning, it would make my day!