About me and this site

Can you guess where I am?

Hi, my name is Steven. I’ve studied Korean since 2013. The first year or two casually, then fairly seriously for a number of years or as seriously as can be for someone not living in Korea with a full time job. Since having a baby in 2018 I stopped doing much “studying” anymore. I just try my best to read and listen to as much Korean as possible in my daily life and to make some opportunities to talk as well.

I sat the TOPIK exam each year for the past few years. In 2016 I got level 4, 2017 got level 5, and 2018 got level 6. As I found out getting to level 6 in some ways is like getting a bachelors degree from university. It’s a nice piece of paper to have but you still don’t really know all that much in the real world scheme of things.

I created this blog for two main reasons. As I learnt Korean I primarily self studied and relied a lot on materials available on the internet. Now in the present day there is a wealth of information available, but in my opinion a lot of the information overlaps and is very ‘textbooky’. For example, grammar related guides provided fairly generic explanations and generic examples (perhaps to be safe and not to be wrong). I created this blog to provide an explanation of Korean grammar from a different perspective, in a way that would have helped me when I was learning them. I don’t provide assurance that everything here is correct, although where possible I do try to get my wife who is Korean to review the content ^^.

I hope some of the content here may help you. Please feel to leave a message if anything here has helped you in your learning, it would make my day!